Septic Tank

1. Septic tank should not be in the south-east, the north-east or the south-west corner under any condition.

2. If the north side is divided into nine equal parts it should be in the third part from the north-west direction.

3. Septic tank should not be directly touching the wall compound or the plinth of the house. I should be at least 1 or 2 ft. away.

4. Of the three parts of the septic tank water should be in the east and the excretion on the west.

5. Due to paucity of space, septic tank can built in the north corner of the west side but 1 or 2 ft. away from the compound wall.

6. Septic tank should not be higher than the plinth level of the building. It should be at ground as far as possible.

7. The out-let of the septic tank should be in the north or the west direction.

Drainage Pipe Line

1. The pipelines of the bathroom and the kitchen should have an outlet in the east or the north direction.

2. Outlet should not be in the south under any condition even by mistake. If at all it is, in the south it should be turned to the east or the north direction.

3. The pipes of the toilet and the bathrooms should be diverted to the west or the north-west and then outlets should be given.

4. The gutter in the building should be in any direction except the south.

5. Drainage pipes coming from upper storeys should not be in the south-west corner. If they are, they should not leak at all.