1) Compared to the south side rooms the northern rooms should be bigger and shorter in height by 1” to 3”. This is an important rule of Vastushastra.
2) Living room should be in the east (leaving the south-east corner) or in the north.However, it is more beneficial in the north.
3)  The slope of the flooring of the living room should be in the east or in the north.
4) The door of the living room should not be in the south-east or the south-west direction. The eastern and the western doors are very auspicious for the living room.
5) The internal furniture, show cases and other heavy articles should be facing the east or in the north direction.
6)  The sitting arrangement of the head of the family should be facing the east or in the north direction.
7)   As far as possible T.V. should not be in the north-east or the south-west corner. It should be in the south-east corner. If it is in the north-west corner it is on for a long time, there by a lot of precious time is lost. If the T.V. is in the south-west corner frequent breakdown are expected.
8)    The telephone should not be in the south-west or north-west corners. It should be in the east or in the south-east or in the north.
9)    The Indian style sitting arrangement should be in the east, the west or the north
10)  It is better if the portraits of the God or the water falls are hung in the north-east corner. Stuffed animals should be in the north-west corner.
11) The colour of the walls and the tiles used in this room should be white, yellow, blue or green. As far as possible it should not be red or black.
12) The fancy chandelier should not be at centre of the room. It should be slightly towards the west. The idea is that heavy gravitational force due to the heavy weight of the chandelier should not fall at Brahma’s place.
13) Portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room.
14) Above any of the entrance doors on the inside of the room no photographs of any God should be displayed. Only the photograph or tile painting of the Lord Ganesh should be displayed above the entrance door on the outside.

15) Furniture of this room should not be circular, triangular, egg shaped, hexagonal or odd shapes. It should be square or rectangular.
16) Due to paucity of land, if the furniture is to be kept in the east or in the north direction, it should not be in direct contact with the flooring. It should be light and hollow and place on base 1 to 3 inches above the floor.
17) The ceiling of this room if slanting towards the east or the north is good (it is not essential).
18) There should be no outlet in the middle of the room.
19) The cooler should be in the west and not in the south-east section.
20) In the modern architecture the height of the living room is more up to double than that of the other rooms. There is no harm in doing so. However, the staircase should be in the south, the west or the south-west corner of the room. It should be rising up towards the south or the west direction.

Vastu Tips1

  1. Your head should be towards the east or south while sleeping.
  2.  The rooms in the south should never have ceiling low as compared to ceiling of the rooms in east and north side.
  3. Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.
  4. Don't keep dirty clothes with the washed clothes.
  5. One should never sleep under exposed beam as it brings ill fortune.
  6. Don't a keep jug or jar of water near the telephone. The electric rays produced from telephone leave bad effect on the water. Your face should be towards the east while cooking food. The cupboard containing food articles should be towards your right.
  7. The ceiling of the poojaroom should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.
  8. There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows especially the entrance door from hinges etc.To remove the noise keep the hinges well oiled.
  9. A picture of Lord Ganesha and Saraswati is good in study room.
  10. Place vegetables in a dish after cutting them. If they are kept on floor their nourishing substance will be adsorbed by the floor.
  11. The house should always be kept need and clean and all the wastage etc., should be dumped or stored in west of the house.
  12. To prevent the house from evil-eyes, seven green chillies and lemon should be hung at the main entrance of the house, shop etc.
  13. Change the bed-sheets during day time.
  14. Comb and other beauty aids should be kept neatly at the right place.
  15. A cut-out in the roof should be provided in the northeast to ensure proper ventilation of the house. This factor works as a natural air-conditioner for the house.
  16. There should be a separate towel for every member of the family and for guests.
  17. One should never provide three doors on a single wall, especially in the front of the house.
  18. One should never construct circular stairs in the house.
  19. It is very auspicious to view rising sun after taking bath in the morning.
  20. A blue bedsheets should never be used in the house.
  21. One should always wear neat and clean clothes while working.
  22. All the things should be properly placed and well organized in the house, to ensure good luck.
  23. Keep cash and jewelry in the safe or locker which opens in the north.

Vastu Tips

In doing Vastu of any place , home, work place, building, factory, land or plot we try to harmonize the place with respect to the five basic elements called as Panchbhoota namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. We shall discuss about importance of each of this element and how well we can harmonize them to relieve a stressful life, bringing 3 P's viz peace, protection and prosperity in our lives.
  • WATER: Water bodies in north or east are considered good. As far as the flow of domestic water is concerned, it should be borne in mind and that such water should be drained out in North - East. Wells, tubewells, swimming pools etc. should all be in the North-East. The water from the toilets and bathrooms, too, should be drained out in the North- East. The North-East direction is always auspicious and suitable for water. There are sewer-systems in the cities. The Septic tanks or the flow of sewer systems should be towards North - West. The flow of rain or fresh water should be towards North-East.
  • FIRE: The direction of Fire is South-East. The Kitchen, fireplace, geysers etc. should be placed only in this direction. Alternatively these could be placed in North-West, because it is at 180 degree to South-East. The Vastu Fire Element One can take care of the South-East Corners of all rooms and aim for Hapiness in the family, Good Health, Sound Finances, and Nice Married Life. As South-East belongs to Agni he can create enough trouble for inmates. The South-East corner of every room should be taken care of it. One can keep Agni - Vastu Fire Element cheerful by having a spotlight or lantern in the South-East corner with light or burning flame pointing to the roof. One can have the Electrical gadgets like Television, VCR, Fridge, Computer, Fire-place, Microwaves, radio etc placed in South-East corner.
  • AIR: The air should enter the building from North -East. All the openings and media for air entry such as doors, windows, ventilators coolers, air-conditioners, verandahs, balconies etc. should be in this directions.
  • SPACE OR OPEN SKY:  The open sky influences greatly. We can get the effect of terrestrial-energies uninterruptedly. But the buildings prove a barrier to the effects of open sky. Therefore, the importance of roofs or lawns gets emphasized, but the Vastu shastra has refrained from deliberating in detail over it, because it is related chiefly to building construction and we will discuss only this aspect. Traditionally every house in India used to have an open space (Court Yard) in the center of the house. It provided the dwellers not only the open sky but also sunlight and cross-ventilation of air.
  • SHAPE OF PLOT: Favourites are regular shaped square or rectangular plota AND irregular shaped plots are normally avoided.
  • OBSTRUCTION: Obstruction like big trees, open well, pillars and posts before a arrow like roads are to be avoided.
  • IDEAL SITE: A building should be constructed preferably in a square plot the house should be constructed in the for house centre and in rectangular plot it should be nearer to construction south, south west and west sides preferably leaving more in a plot open space on north and east. "L" or Considered not suitable for house as corners will be "U" shaped missing and occupants will be missing opportunities.
     Quick Vaastu Shanti Tips
    • When sitting for worship, keep your face towards North-West and sit in that corner to intake air from that direction. 
    • Cash boxes can be located in the room towards the North (treasury). But if the box is heavy (such as a safe, heavy almirah) then it should be kept in the South­west corner and the door of the almirah should open towards the North.
    • TVs and computers should ideally be placed in the Southeast corner of the living room or study room. They should not be placed in the Northeast corner or Southwest corner.
    • Telephones can be placed in the Southeast or North­west corner but not in the Southwest or Northeast.
    • An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner/portion of the house or factory is very good.
    • If the north-east area is untidy or unshapely, the well being of male issues is found to be precarious.
    • One should sleep with his head pointing towards the South.
    • Students should be facing east while studying, for Academic Excellence.
    • If the kitchen is off the proper place, some member or the other is always found to be suffering from severe digestive disorder.
    • Keep the Gas in the south east corner of the kitchen 
    • Person should face the east while cooking. 
    • Drinking water should be in the north east of the kitchen. 
    • While Taking meals the plate should be in South-East. 
    • The statue of Hanumanji should not be placed in South-East. It may create fire hazard.
    • All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside. 
    • The hinges of doors should be noiseless. If so. The hinges may be greased periodically. 
    • The doors should open towards right hand. 
    • Bed should not be put under a beam. 
    • There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room. 
    • Efforts should be made a leave the rooms open on North-East side. 
    • While ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the north or the east. 
    • The seat of the toilet should face North-South. 
    • No doors or windows should be provided on South-West side. 
    • Almirahs and beds should be set very close to the South - West wall and at a distance from the north - east wall. 
    • A house should not have paintings, which depicts depressing scenes, i.e. like an old woman crying, scenes of war or poverty. It should have picture of say, a sunrise, an ocean, mountains, flowers or laughing children.
    • Tall trees are nowhere recommended close to the main building. For trees the south in itself is good and so is the west. No tree should be grown in the north and the east. The one at the north-east is the worst. 
    • Small decorative plants and shrubs may be grown in the north and the east. The height should not exceed, say, half a meter at the north-east increasing gradually to not more than 1.5 meter as one moves from the north-east to the north-west or to the south-east end. 
    • Except rose and a few medicinal ones, all thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment. Plants exuding white sap should also be kept off. Lime and karonda etc. are OK in an orchard but not in residence or business premises. 
    • Amongst the beneficial plants, the best is Tulsi. It is commendable to keep at least one Tulsi plant in the north-east area of the premises, but its height should not exceed 1.5 meter. 
    • Growing creepers/climbers with support on the compound wall or a house wall is best avoided.
    • Cactus should not be planted or kept in the house.
    • In the South-West Corner of the house one should sleep pointing his head towards south. 
    • If north of any house is blocked it blocks prosperity.
    • Water flowing/water fountain from north to east is very good. 


1. The Pujaghar in the building should be in the east, the north or the north-east corner.
2. Puja room should not be in the south direction.
3. Pujaghar should not be in the bedroom.
4. The idols should be in the east and the west of the Pujaghar. The faces of the idols should not be in north or south. Because, if the faces of the idols are towards the north we look towards the south side which is not good.
5. Triangular pattern of the God should not be drawn in the Pujaghar.
6. Toilet should not be above or below the worship room.
7. White or light yellow marble work in the worship room is auspicious. The colour of the walls of the worship room should be white, light yellow or light blue.
8. The worship room should have doors and windows in the north or the east.
9. Lamp stand should be in the south-east corner of the worship room.
10. If the worship room is of the shape of a pyramid (slope on all the four sides of the      roof) it is auspicious. Women should not enter the worship room during the menses period.
11. THE homekund ( a pit for consecrates fire ) should be in the south-east directions of the worship room. The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the east.
12. The showcases and almirahs in the pujaghar should be towards the western or the southern wall. The photographs of the deity or the idols should never be near the northern or the southern walls.
13. Scenes from the mahabharat , photographs of birds and animals or the replica of the vashtupurush should not be in the pujaghar.
14. The safe should not be kept in front of the deity.
15. The idol should not be exactly in front of the entrance gate.
16. The pujaghar should have a threshold.
17. The worship room should not have a pinnacle, dome, victory pillar, gomukh , flag , basement etc.
18. Idols brought from ancient temples in the desecrated form or otherwise should not be kept in the worship room. 19. The idols in the worship room should not be in a desecrated form. 
20. The mezzanine protruding out of the worship room should be in the west or the south direction.
21The idols should not be kept at a place obtained by chiseling off the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall.
22.  No unnecessary heavy articles likes tins, clothes etc. should be kept in the worship room. No part of the worship room separated by a curtain etc. should be used for any other purpose.
23. The worship room should have a two shuttered wooden door. It should not be made of the Gum Arabic tree or any inferior quality of wood. In the upper half of the worship room there should be space for ventilation or it can be made of glass.
24. The worship room should not have a door with one shutter. The door should not be made of tin or iron grills.
25. The doors of the worship room should not automatically close or open. Spring or door closer should not be used for this door.
26. Money or valuables should not be hid in the worship room.
27. The roof should not have ventilation or windows. Idols should not be kept facing eachother.

                  No private or public, big or small temple, shivlinga should be built in the space around the building. If meditation is going to last for more than 15 minutes one should not sit exactly facing the idols. One should sit near the western wall facing the east for meditation, avoiding the look of the idol.

Septic Tank

1. Septic tank should not be in the south-east, the north-east or the south-west corner under any condition.

2. If the north side is divided into nine equal parts it should be in the third part from the north-west direction.

3. Septic tank should not be directly touching the wall compound or the plinth of the house. I should be at least 1 or 2 ft. away.

4. Of the three parts of the septic tank water should be in the east and the excretion on the west.

5. Due to paucity of space, septic tank can built in the north corner of the west side but 1 or 2 ft. away from the compound wall.

6. Septic tank should not be higher than the plinth level of the building. It should be at ground as far as possible.

7. The out-let of the septic tank should be in the north or the west direction.

Drainage Pipe Line

1. The pipelines of the bathroom and the kitchen should have an outlet in the east or the north direction.

2. Outlet should not be in the south under any condition even by mistake. If at all it is, in the south it should be turned to the east or the north direction.

3. The pipes of the toilet and the bathrooms should be diverted to the west or the north-west and then outlets should be given.

4. The gutter in the building should be in any direction except the south.

5. Drainage pipes coming from upper storeys should not be in the south-west corner. If they are, they should not leak at all.

Kitchen Room

1. The kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the main building or flat.

2. The main kitchen platform should be in the east and the south-east corner. The platform should not touch the east and the south walls of the kitchen. It should be at least one to three inches away from the walls. We can also take a projection of 1 to 2 inches while constructing the kitchen.

3. Stove or gas burner should be in the south-east corner, a few inches away from the wall.

4. Adjacent to the kitchen platform, another L shaped platform, near the south wall for keeping micro oven, mixer, grinder etc. will be very useful.

5. The washbasin (sink) of the platform should be in the north-east corner as far as possible. Pitcher of water and utensils for drinking water should be in the north-east or north side.

6. Essential commodities like boxes of grain, spices, pulses etc. should be in the south or the west direction.

7. The entrance door of the kitchen should not be in any of the corners. Kitchen doors in the east, the north and the west are useful.

8. The gas burner should be in front of the main door of the kitchen.

9. There should be one or two windows or air holes in the east and the west direction of the kitchen. An exhaust fan in this gap is useful.

10. If there is a dinning table in the kitchen, it should be in the north-west or the west side.

11. Light weight articles can be kept in the east or the north.

12. Mezzanine floor in the kitchen should be towards the east.

13. While cooking, the face should be towards the east.

14. The color of the floor and the walls of the kitchen should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. However, it should not be black or white as far as possible.

15. A kitchen in the west direction can be tolerated. However, if the kitchen is in the north-east direction mental tension increases and one may suffer great losses. If the kitchen is in the south-west direction, life at home becomes difficult because of clashes.

16. If a freeze is in the kitchen, it should be in the south-east, the south, the west or the north direction. It should not be in the north-east direction. If it is in the south-west direction it should be a feet away from the corner otherwise it always gets out of order.

17. If the kitchen is in the north-west direction, the expenditure increases. Progress is reduced. There is a danger of getting burnt fire, hot water etc. a kitchen in the north is most dangerous. This being kubera’s place the expenditure increases like anything beyond expectations.


1. For a factory, plot should be square or rectangular in shape (at most 1:2). At least the south-east corner and the south-west corner should be of 90 necessarily.

2. On the south and north side, a tall thick wall of stone is necessary. At least in the south-west side there should be a stone wall. In the west and the north direction there can be a barbed wire compound.

3. In the north-east corner of the plot in the north or the east wells, borings, underground water storage's, fountains etc. should be located.

4. The transformer should be a little distance away from the corner in the south-east direction. Watchmen’s room should be adjacent to it. The go-down of raw material should be in the south-west corner. The main office, laboratory, management unit etc. should be in the west direction. Workers quarters should be in the north-west corner.

5. Dividing the plot into four equal parts (by drawing the east-west and north-south axis) the main plant should be located in the south-west part.

6. The water storage should be to the north-east of the main plant. This side should not be too high. The main plant should be sloping down step by step from the south to the north. Heavy machinery should be towards the south. Comparatively lighter machinery should be towards the north.

7. In the south-east corner of the plot, boiler, transformer and electrical equipment should be located. The raw material storage room, the storage room for waste material should be in the southwest corner.

8. The finished goods of the factory should be kept in the north-west corner. The delivery of these goods should also be made from the north-west corner of the north side. The overhead tank of the plant should be in the north-west or the west direction. Parking should in the east or the north. The main entrance should in the east, the north, the north-west, the south-east of the south but never in the south, south-east or the south-west direction. There is no harm if it is in west.