Building Material

Building Material

      While building a new house all the material should be new. Even if the wood of the old house is in good condition, still, the doors, windows etc. should not be used as far as possible. Te reason for this is that there are chances of repetition of disagreeable incidents in the new house. Also the unhappiness about using the old thing is there. In this age of dearth and dearness one should try as far as possible.
         At least the entrance door of the old structure should not be used. Similarly old tiles, remains of the kitchen platform, bricks, stones etc. should not be used in the new construction. Old wood should be sold and using the money so obtained, one should purchase new wood for doors and windows, as far as possible. Iron grills should used only when whenever it is necessary. At all other places wood should be used as far as possible.

        Teak wood being very costly, we can use other types of wood. However, wood of Gum Arabic tree or any other thorny tree should not be used. They throw negative rays. The Gum Arabic tree is compared with a demon. That is why the carpenter’s plane is made up of this wood they would be able to work hard and fast like a demon.
       Building material, which is in store for a long time, even though it is available cheap, should not be used for building a new structure. While purchasing material, inferior material should not be purchased simply become it is cheap.

Auspicious Time for Bhoomipujan (Worship of the Land)

Auspicious Time for Bhoomipujan (Worship of the Land)

     Before starting construction on the plot we have purchased, it is necessary to get it cleaned thoroughly unnecessary stones, rubble, earth mounds, pits etc. should be removed. All the thorny bushes and other trees should be uprooted from the roots. If there are Babool (Gum Arabic tree) trees, they should be uprooted first. The construction is unnecessarily delayed. If there are heaps of rubbish in the north-east or the south-east corners, it should be removed immediately, otherwise paucity of funds will always be felt and there will always be unnecessary troubles. If there is a pit at the center or in the southeast corner or the south-west corner of the plot it should be immediately filled up otherwise the construction work is delayed.

     It is extremely necessary to worship the land before the construction work starts. At any place after digging up to one foot if we find bones and filthy rubbish, hair etc. they should be removed. Baisakh, Shravan, Margshirsh and Falgun these four months are auspicious for the worship of the land


Auspiciousness and In-auspiciousness of the Auspicious (opportune) Moment.

1) As far as possible the auspicious (opportune) moment should not coincide with the extra month (Adhik Mas), the zero month, the lunar month and the sunset.

2) Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided.

3) Monday and Thursday are very auspicious.

4) The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in the pregnancy stage after the seventh month of any lady in the house.

5) Auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall during the mensis period of any lady.

6)The auspicious (opportune) moment should not fall in Hadpaksha, mourning period, Divaskarma (performing rituals relating to dates) and Shraadha ceremony (religious rites after the death of a person) If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in Jaishth or Aashadh, Sickness or unnecessary increase in expenditure results.

7) If the auspicious (opportune) moment falls in Bhadrapad or Ashwin month, expenditure increases unnecessarily and the situation becomes tense for no reason.

8) If the auspicious (opportune) moment is celebrated in the month of Karlik, Paush or Magh the construction is delayed. There is also a possibility of theft of the building materials. Some provoking incidents take place. If there is a conjunction of auspicious stars in the sky at the auspicious (opportune) moment it gives good results. In this age of science even well known and highly qualified people start their new enterprises at the auspicious moment. The worship of the land should be done in the east or the northeast comer of the plot at the opportune moment.

Angles in the Corner of a Plot

1. It is always better to have 90˚ angles at all the corners of the plot. Rectangular or square plots are good.


2. If the north-west angle is more than 90˚ and north-east angle is less than 90˚ it is good.

3. If the north-east angle is more than 90˚ and the north-west corner is less than 90˚, the nature becomes violent and money from illegal means is obtained. It is necessary to remove the extended portion.

4. If both the north-east and the north­-west angles are of measure 90˚ and if the south-east corner is less than 90˚ and the south-west corner is more than 90˚ such a plot is very bad. It leads a man to total destruction and creates worries, clashes, and fear in life of a man.

5. If the south-west corner is less than 90˚ & the south-east is more than 90˚ then mental worries increase. There are frequent clashes. Demonic tendencies increase.

6. If none of the angles of the plot are of 90˚. In such cases loss of wealth results, illicit works increase. There is an increase in worries. Life becomes very difficult and full of hardships.

7. If the north-west and the north-east corners of the plot are less than 90˚. We get a lot of money but this money is spent in a bad way. Continuous illness sinful works are expected.

8. If the north-east and the south-east corners are less than 90˚ and the north-west and the south-west corners are more than 90°, a lot of money is earned but it does not stay. There is a lot of unnecessary expenditure. Such plots are known as Gomukhi plots (the front looking like the face of a cow).


9. This Gomukhi plot is extended on both the north-east and the south-east side so it is bad. How ever, if the Gomukhi plot extends only in the north-east direction, it is very auspicious.

  10. If the north-east and the south-east comers are more than 90˚ and if the north-west and the south-west comers are less than 90˚, it is the worst plot. It is known as Vyaghramukhi plot.


 11. If the south-west and the south-east corners are of 90˚ then the north-west corner is less than 900 and the north-east corner more than 90˚, it is also known Worst Plot as Vyaghramukhi plot. Enmity and r sinful acts are expected in such plots. 

12. If the north-west and the north-east comers are 90˚, the south-west comer is less than 90˚ and the south-east comer is more than 90˚ it is also known as Vyaghramukhi plot. Accident and suicides take place in such plots.


Selection of the plot and the site

If we take the help of astrology while selecting the plot, it is definitely advantageous.

A shlok from the Vedas about the directions around our plots reads as follows,

वृद्धिकारी उत्तरा धनदा स्मृता ।
अर्थक्ष्यकारी विद्यात पश्चिमप्लवना तत: ॥
दक्षिण प्लवना पृथ्वी नराणां मृतिदा भवेत।
वारुनोच्चस्मायुक्त नीचा माहेन्द्र संयुता ॥

It means- If there is a downward slope towards the east it gives prosperity. If there is a download slope towards the north it gives wealth. If this slope is towards the west loss of wealth and knowledge takes place. A slope towards the south leads to death and destruction.

If we take into consideration the four major direction of the city the proper directions for different Zodiac Signs are given in the following table.

Zodiac Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

It is not compulsory to have the plot in the direction as per the table above. However, if you get the plot in the desired direction, there is better micro tuning of astrology and Vastushastra. If, according to the Zodiac of the sun, we have a proper coordination of numerology and Vastushastra better micro tuning is obtained. We are having deep observation on this topic. We should try to get the plot as per the observations made above.

‘L’ Type Plots

It is not proper to purchase any L type plot. All the plots shown below are not proper for building or business.

      1. A plot without the north east corner is worst. If a house is built in such a plot innumerable calamities befall. The head of the family, somebody or other is always sick in the family. The number of female children are more than male children. Great financial losses resulting in apathy for life itself.

2. A plot without the south-east corner leads to clashes between husband and wife. Mental trouble for ladies, break in the children’s education and economic instability.

3. A plot without the south-west corner leads to extended the south-east direction. This leads to sickness, physical disability and mental diseases.

4. If the north west corner of plot is cut, it leads to unnecessary enmity, fear of theft and robbery.