Survey of the Land (Soil)

1) Two pits of the dimensions 2’ X 2’ X 2’ should be dug. In one of the pits the same clay should be filled again. If the clay remains even after filling the pit it gives prosperity. If it is just equal, or falls short the plot should not be purchased.
In the other pit water should be poured. The amount of time taken for the complete absorption of all the water should be noted. If it takes more than an hour it leads to prosperity. If there are a large no. of big cracks on the floor of the pit after the complete absorption of water, the construction is a little expensive.

2) The plot should not be a crematorium, site of a Samadhi or a
     basement in the past.

3) While purchasing somebody’s residential accommodation, if there
    are two or three deaths in an interval of a month or two, or if
    somebody has committed suicide, such places should not be

4) If the colour of the plot is black, any amount of hard work will not
     lead to any improvement of position. By black soil I mean,
     blackness upto a death of 12 ft. However, if the soil is black upto a
     death of 3 to 4 ft. and the underlying layers are white or red soil,
     such land can be purchased.

5) White soil is the best the next best is reddish. Yellow land is of
     medium level.

6) If after digging to a depth of 1ft, an oily or good smell is coming, the
     land is good. There should be no electric D.P. or a big electric pole
     in the north east direction of the plot. Telephone pole is all right
     and not harmful.

7) The most important point while selecting the plot is the magnetic
     meridian. It should be in unison with the axis of the plot. It means if
     all the four directions are properly obtained, the plot is good. Even
     if these directions are rotated upto 15˚ to 30˚ the plot is still
     purchasable. When the four major directions are coming in the four
     corners of the plot, such plot is called Vidishi plot. At such places
     the good and the bad effects of Vastushastra (The Edifice Science)
     are of a lesser degree. This does not mean that we should not
     purchase such plot. If the main entrance of such plots is not taken
     at places of evil powers then you can build your building on such a

8) If the soil of the plot is of crumbly rock, easy money is obtained. If
     the soil is yellow, it is prosperous for business men.

     9) In the north-east corner of the plot a flat vessel filled with water
         should be kept on a flat surface. Sweet smelling flowers of medium
         size should be dipped in water. If the flowers move in a circular
         path and approach the north direction place is very auspicious.