BEDROOM According to Vastushastra

1)  If the plot is big and spacious, leaving the north-west part of the north side and adjacent to the living room the bed room should be located.

2) Due the northern bedroom the morning sunrays are available to some extent.

3)  If in the north side bedroom, you sleep with your head towards the east or the south, you can enjoy a sound sleep.

4)  The bed rooms of the head of the family should be in the west side. If there is more than one floor, the head of the family should have a bed room on the upper storey in the south-west corner of the west direction. This room is also good for adult married children. But under no condition it should be a bed room of the younger children. There are clashes and unnecessary quarrels in the house. A bed room in the south direction can also be tolerated.

5)  A west side bed room is best for children. An eastern bed room can also be used for unmarried children or the guests. But under any condition a newly wed couple should not be allow to use this room.

6)  If the bedroom is in the south-east direction of the main building, it results in unnecessary quarrels between the husband and the wife. Wasteful expenditure increases and one has to face one kind of trouble or the other.

7)  The north-east is the direction of the deities therefore no bedroom should be in this direction. Otherwise, one has to face many calamities, sickness increases.

8)  Nobody’s bedroom should be exactly in the middle of the building. There should be no slope to the roof. The shape should not be pyramidal. The color of the walls should be light rose, gray, dark blue, chocolate, dark green etc. Marble stones (white and yellow colored) should not be used in the bedroom. White marble is used for maintaining the austerity of the temple.

9)  In the main south-west corner of the south-west side bedroom, heavy articles should be kept. The bed in this room should be to the south or the west of the south-west corner of this room.

10)  Sleeping with legs towards the east gives name, fame & prosperity. Sleeping with legs towards the west get mantle peace and increases a liking for spiritualism. Sleeping with the legs towards north, increases wealth and prosperity. However, if you sleep with legs towards the south, you will not have a sound sleep. There are dreams and bad thoughts crop up in the mind. Heaviness in the chest is felt sometimes. The south is known as the Yamasthan (place of Yama). Dead body’s legs kept towards the south. Mental sickness increases and there is a likelihood of reduction in the life span.

11)  Some buildings do not get proper east-west and north-south directions. They get the corners only. In bed rooms of such buildings, for getting the proper direction, one should not put his bed in an oblique position.

12)  The dressing table in the bed room should be to the east of the north direction. The reading and writing work should be done in the west of the bedroom. It can also be done in the east.

13)  T.V., heater and electrical appliances should be in the south-east corner of the bedroom. The wardrobe should be in the north-west or the south-west of the room.

14)  The door of the bed room should be of one shutter as far as possible. It should be in the east, the west or the north. There is no harm in having small windows in the east and the north. Almirahs, showcases etc. should be in the south or the west walls. A mezzanine on this side is tolerable.

15)  The south-west corner should never be kept vacant.

16)  If bathroom, tub bath, toilet, change room etc. are to be attached to the bed room, they should be in the west or the north side.

17) As far as possible, the safe should not be in the bed room. If it is, it should be placed in a way leaving the south-east, the north-east, the south-west and the north-west corners as well as the east and the north directions. If the safe is kept in the south and opens in the north, it is very auspicious. But safe should not be kept towards the north in any room because it opens towards the south, leading to unnecessary expenditure and loss of wealth.