1. For a factory, plot should be square or rectangular in shape (at most 1:2). At least the south-east corner and the south-west corner should be of 90 necessarily.

2. On the south and north side, a tall thick wall of stone is necessary. At least in the south-west side there should be a stone wall. In the west and the north direction there can be a barbed wire compound.

3. In the north-east corner of the plot in the north or the east wells, borings, underground water storage's, fountains etc. should be located.

4. The transformer should be a little distance away from the corner in the south-east direction. Watchmen’s room should be adjacent to it. The go-down of raw material should be in the south-west corner. The main office, laboratory, management unit etc. should be in the west direction. Workers quarters should be in the north-west corner.

5. Dividing the plot into four equal parts (by drawing the east-west and north-south axis) the main plant should be located in the south-west part.

6. The water storage should be to the north-east of the main plant. This side should not be too high. The main plant should be sloping down step by step from the south to the north. Heavy machinery should be towards the south. Comparatively lighter machinery should be towards the north.

7. In the south-east corner of the plot, boiler, transformer and electrical equipment should be located. The raw material storage room, the storage room for waste material should be in the southwest corner.

8. The finished goods of the factory should be kept in the north-west corner. The delivery of these goods should also be made from the north-west corner of the north side. The overhead tank of the plant should be in the north-west or the west direction. Parking should in the east or the north. The main entrance should in the east, the north, the north-west, the south-east of the south but never in the south, south-east or the south-west direction. There is no harm if it is in west.