Place of Auspicious and Inauspicious Powers on the Plot

Auspicious Power Places on the plot

     The places where good effects of the falling sun rays are observed are as follows:

1)  Ish
2)  Agni
3)  Surya
4)  Som
5)  Bramha etc.

No construction should be done on these spots these places receive the auspicious sun-rays. We derive lots of benefits from them. If toilets, septic tanks, garages, store rooms etc. are built on these spots it gives bad results.

Inauspicious Power Places on the Plot

    At some places we do not get good results of the falling sun-rays. They are:

1)  Yama
2)  Pitar
3)  Dwarpal
4)  Asur
5)  Pap
6)  Rog etc.

No construction of any kind at these places should be done. But it should also not be kept vacant. Very tall trees should be planted in these areas. At the corners of Pitar and Dwarpal, lumber-room should be build. It will old the balance and good results will be obtained.
    The conclusion is that, the south-west side of the plot should be raised or made heavy. We can also do this by planting tall trees or raising the height of the wall compound (the wall should be thick and made up of stones) we can derive many benefits. At the Pap and Rog places motor garages or servants quarters could be built. The main gate of the house should not be in asur place. Heavy and tall trees should be planted at this place.