Surrounding of the Plot and its Geographical Position

The place where we are going to build our house should be selected according to Vastushastra.

1) It is better to have downward slope in the east and the north direction of our plot.

2) It is auspicious to have rivers, drains, lakes etc. in the east and the north directions of our plot.

3) There should not be tall trees or construction around our plot in the east and the north direction.

4) There should not be any valley or big pits around our plot adjacent to it.

5) If there are tall trees, construction, hill, ridges or mountains on the west and the south direction of our plot they are auspicious. When the sun is going westwards the sun-rays are harmful. These structures prevent these rays. High hills or mountains on the east and the north direction of the plot are inauspicious.

6) There should not be any temple with its entrance in front of our house. If any temple is in front of our house, the divine power in the eyes of the idol may have terrible effect on the construction. If the temple is on the opposite side of the road (minimum 80 ft. wide), The entrance of the temple and the building do not face each other, and if, the eyes of the idol are not face trained on our building, such plots can be purchased.

7) There should not be a blacksmith shop, a laundry, cobbler’s shop, meat shop or men and women involved in illicit works opposite our plot.

8) There should not be any workshops with mechanically revolving wheels, shops dealing in sharpening knives and scissors or a big garage plot in front of our plot. Such plots should be purchased by removing them to other places.

9) There should not be dead ends around our building.

10) Water tank in the north-east direction of our plot is auspicious. But if the same is situated on the south-east direction, it can have some adverse effects.

11) No medium with jarring sounds should be near our house because the sound waves can have some adverse effect on the structure. Electric power house on the south-east side is very auspicious. However, if it is on the north side, it is inauspicious.