Compound Wall and the Gate of the Building

Compound Wall and the Gate of the Building

   Before starting the construction of the house it is necessary to build the compound wall first.

1) We should first demarcate the boundary of the plot, before digging for the compound wall. If it has an extended south-east or south-west corner the plot should be made square or rectangle by deleting the extended portion.

2) Avoiding the period of unfavorable constellation like Bharani, Krutika, Magha, Ashleha, Vishakha, and Mula and also other unfavorable conditions, the digging should start on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

3) Pratipada, Panchami, Shashthi, Dashmi, Ekadashi and Poornima, are auspicious.

4) Vishti is very unauspicious, therefore, no digging or construction should be done on this day.

5) While digging the compound wall, work should be started from the south-east direction to the south-west direction. The digging for compound wall should be done till the surface is quite hard but it should not be less then 3 to 4 ft. only then it would be useful.

6) The construction of the compound wall should start from the south-west direction to the south-east direction. This is a demonish corner and it delays the work.

7) First of all the construction of the entire compound wall should be brought to the ground level. This helps in finding the water level.

8) The walls on the southern side and the western side should be thicker and taller then those on the northern side or the eastern side.

9) It is not proper if there are cracks on the compound wall on the southern and the western side.

10) The construction of the compound wall in the south-east corner and the south-west corner should have an angle of 90˚.

11) The wall compound on the north and the east sides should at least 21” shorter in height than that on the south and the west side. At places where it is not possible a difference of three inches can also serve the purpose.

12) The north and the east wall compound can be raised up to 1 to 2 ft. and then a grill can be fitted or a fence erected. It is very useful.

13) The north and east side compounds can be useful if it is thinner, of bricks and decorated.

14) While designing the north and the east compound walls crosses should be avoided. A slanted Swastik should not be drawn. It is good if windows are kept to the walls on the north-east and the north sides for the free passage of air and light. However, there should not be any windows to the compound wall on the south and the west sides.

15) If the wall in the south-west corner is taller then the rest, it is useful.