Division of the Plot

1. The Plot for construction should preferably be square or rectangular in

2. By drawing the central axis the plot should be divided into four rectangular
parts. Out of these the construction should be done on the south west part of
the west and the south directions.

3. It is necessary to leave more open space on the east and the north side than
that on  the west and south sides (minimum difference 21”). We get the
maximum of the auspicious sunrays on the east and the north sides.

4. Free space should be left on all the sides of the building. The height of the
plinth should be 2 to 4 feet.

5. There should be no construction of outhouse, garage shade etc. by taking the
support of the compound wall in the north-east, the south-east or the
north-west directions. Only store room for lumber is useful, if built by taking
the support of the south-west wall in the south-west corner.

6. In the north-east block of the plot there can be well, boring, underground
water storage tank, garden, fountain etc. however, the ground level of these
things should be less than the plinth level of the building. There should be no
well, water tanks or boring etc. in front of the compound gate. It can be to a

7. In the south-east block at a distance of two to three feet from the compound
wall, watchmen quarters, boiler room, transformer room, canteen etc. can
prove useful.
8. In the north-west section of the plot godown for grain, pen for animals, store
for finished product, motor garage or servants quarters can prove useful.